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Hello and Welcome to my Nature's Sunshine Online Store. I've been a Certified Natural Health Professional and Herb Specialist since 1999. Through this credentialed program, I have studied a variety of Holistic Therapies' Herbs, Vitamins, Nutrition, Body Systems, Darkfield Microscopy and much more.

I have used Nature's Sunshine Products to overcome my own health challenges like fibroid tumors, fatigue, candida and joint problems. I've also helped many people to feel better and get healthier. I want to help you choose just the right products for your individual needs so you can improve the quality of your life—get more energy, sleep better, reduce muscle and joint discomfort, digest your food better, put the glow back into your skin, and feel an overall sense of well-being.

I offer free 30-minute health consultations over the phone. You can email or call me to schedule an appointment.

Below is a listing of the current Nature's Sunshine Products available.

In addition, I distribute a medical device called the BEMER, which increases circulation by 30%. I offer BEMER sessions and am an Independent BEMER Distributor. Visit for more information about this groundbreaking medical device.

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